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About this Blog: A Simple Brewer's Manifesto

"Simple" doesn't have to mean "basic."  There are plenty of simple things that are the result of sophisticated evolution and understanding - in other words, simple can mean "efficient."

"Simple" doesn't have to mean "compromised."  Simplification often means improvement - ever hear the phrase "less is more"?

What simple does mean, at least in the context of this blog, is a return to the essential simplicity and joy of beer and brewing.  Beer doesn't need to be complicated.  It doesn't need to be hard.  Brewing can be done in ways that save you time, money, pain, and suffering.  It can be a source of contentment and relaxation instead of the hyper-technical gauntlet many brewers feel they have to run to make good beer.  And beer can be enjoyed and discussed in ways that don't have to revolve around IBU measurements and water chemistry!

There are thousands of beer blogs that get into the specialized and the scientific and the intensely technical - that's not what this is.  This is a place to simplify your brewing and make it better.  This is a place to consider beer culture and where you fit in it, and how you can help others to fit as well.  This is a place to discuss how we discuss beer.  Mostly, though, this is just a place to learn something that will make your beer and brewing life simpler, easier, and more satisfying.  

Simple enough, I think.


About the Author: irrelevant bragging to establish brewing credibility

My name is Josh, and I'm a homebrewer ("Hi, Josh...").  I started brewing in 2007, owing to the encouragement and assistance of a great person who happens to be my brother-in-law (who shall remain unnamed here, until I ask him whether he's OK with being named herein).  His initial simple guidance and feedback let me skip over a lot of the basic mistakes that plague new brewers, and that pragmatic and simple approach has guided me ever since, with a lot of success along the way.  

I don't want to write any of what follows because it sounds self-serving and douchey, but if I don't, people will simply say that I'm recommending things that don't work.  So, let's address these right out of the gate:

  • "Clearly you don't know anything about what beer is supposed to be like." I'm a BJCP Grand Master beer judge.

  • "OK, but you're just a homebrew nerd who doesn't know anything about craft beer." I'm also a Certified Cicerone.

  • "Big deal - that doesn't mean you know anything about professional brewing." I've worked as a paid consultant to award-winning breweries.

  • "So what? What have you done on your own?" I've medaled in every BJCP category.

  • "Fine, but you're still a hack who can't write and so you just give it away for free like some beer writing vagabond." Not true - you'll also find my work in several brewing publications. But even if you're right and I can't write, that's what editors are for...

I actually love debate and discussion, so please do challenge me on anything I write here - but at least acknowledge that I'm not just some rube who fell off the barley truck.

Why am I writing this blog?  Because I love homebrewing, but more than that, I love brewers.  I love the sense of community.  I love the feeling of fraternity.  I love that brewing brings together people from fantastically different walks of life, from welders to farmers to doctors to cooks to scientists.  I love that (most) brewers are so eager to improve and love getting feedback, even if it's somewhat harsh.  I feel an obligation and a desire to give my very best to that community, because it is home to some of the most generous, giving, funny, wonderful people and friends I've ever known.  I want it to grow.  I want it to succeed.  And I want to be as much a part of it as I can be.  So, here I am, for a while, anyway.  I hope you'll enjoy reading the blog, and I hope you'll let me know what I'm doing wrong (and right, if that happens to occur).  Thank you for your time - I'll try to save you some on the back end in return.

Keep it simple,

Josh Weikert
Collegeville, PA
October 2015